Ishita makes ordinary chips and chicken extraordinary

Ishita restaurant’s menu on paper is rich. Practically though, it is the customary chips and chicken, chips and liver, chips and chaps – only veering off slightly to goat pilau.

Located in Kyanja along the Kisaasi-Kyanja road, their aromas emanating from the unfinished Baranga complex engulf the neighbourhood.

At Shs 14,000 for chips and chicken, this is relatively expensive given the locality of Kyanja, never mind the mushrooming middle-class houses.  So, what is so special about this place?

I settled for the chips and chicken. But for cushion, I also ordered the tropical smoothie – just in case I got disappointed.

It was harder to tell what the base of this smoothie was, but therein was a blend of apple, mango, banana, vanilla, pineapple, coconut, yoghurt, pineapple and whatever else.

The only downside was that not enough ice cubes were whipped in; otherwise, it was super perfect and worth the Shs 12,000.  As for the chips and chicken, this too justified the Shs 14,000 price tag.

First, it is two pieces of chicken served. The chicken is made tandoori style with a sweetened colourful flavour. Their chips are one of the most refined, cleanest, slightly spongy and aromatic chips I have ever had.

They are well-drained, pre-salted. No wonder, you have to wait for at least 40 or more minutes for this otherwise fast meal. 


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