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Red Basket platter worth every penny

Red Basket restaurant along Dewinton road is just perfect for family or friends’ eat outs.

Even the sitting setup alludes to just as much with all tables bearing no less than three seats.  The Shs 30,000 versatile mini platter has a bit of everything.

There is a piece of deep-fried chicken, a beef sausage cut into two, chapatti, tender-spiced-wet fried beef sweetened with carrot pellets and flavoured with fresh parsley. 

There is also a skewer of crunchy and salted roasted goat meat garnished with dry carrots. The platter is further donned with lots of squishy deep-fried Irish potatoes balls and a bowl of pilau rice and loose golden soup. 

The platter includes raw salads made from fresh shredded cabbage, carrots and tomatoes dressed with some bit of vinegar. As their tagline claims, Red Basket is indeed big on meats and seems to be a popular eatery.

Only the long-grain basmati rice was slightly out of taste but, again, the soup is there for that exact reason.


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