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Lydia Jazmine not wallowing in lockdown blues

Lydia Jazmine

Lydia Jazmine

Lydia Jazmine, 29, is a recording artiste known for her great sense of fashion and angelic voice. Her songs include You And Me, Olindaki, Masuuka, Gimpe and Nkwatako, which is her latest, among others. As Jazmine’s manager Ronnie Mulindwa drove her to Nassim Studios, Quick Talk had a chat with her. 

Good afternoon, Lydia!

Yes, good afternoon to you, Quick Talk!

You may need no introduction, but tell me about yourself still.

I’m Lydia Nabawanuka. I attended Victoria Nile school then Mary’s school Namaliga and completed my high school at Cityland College Matugga [where she reportedly met Feffe Bussi, who attests to her being a very bright student].

I later went to Multitech Business School where I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration and Management. I come from a family of five but we are nine children in total.

How do you end up in music yet you studied business?

Music has always been part of me; however, I’m still into business but doing music more. I have always been singing since nursery, in choirs too but then I started singing professionally in my second year at university.

Didn’t your parents have a problem with your career choice?

My parents were very supportive of everything I did. [Quick Talk notices early that Lydia is not the conversational kind…]

Moving on, what is your other hobby?

I like fashion a lot; it has always been my second passion after music. [That explains her always impeccable look.]

Are you doing fashion for business or just dressing up?

[Smiling] No, the fashion I do is for me, not business or anything else.

What do you do in your free time?

I spend most of my free time with family; I love my family very much.

Have you ever thought of marriage and starting your own family?

Yeah [silence. Quick Talk tries to get her to say more] I do and very soon.

So, how many children would you love to have?
[Laughs] I can’t tell, because I might say two and then give birth to twins; it’s only God’s plan. But anyway, I would love to have three children. [Quick Talk hopes the universe doesn’t give her triplets, now!]

Would you encourage your children to follow in your footsteps?

Well, I can’t stop any of my children from doing what they like, because I was not stopped at any time.

What is your ideal man, Lydia?

I would like a man who cares and understands me, because this kind of job needs one to be understanding.

Would you like your man metrosexual?

Yeah, of course!

Wouldn’t that leave you insecure?

Not really; if we ladies take care of our looks, where is the problem if my man likes taking care of his looks? It’s so okay with me.

Meanwhile, how has this lockdown treated you?

It has really affected musicians generally, because we used to earn from performances and concerts, something that is no more.

How are you making ends meet?

There are many things I’m doing that I can’t disclose, but we survive through recording our songs and uploading them online. [At Makindye, a delivery guy brings a number of hot tee shirts in different colours and Lydia chooses a white, beautiful one].

That’s a nice one. Is white your favourite colour?

Not really; I don’t have a specific colour. I wear any colour as long as I have liked it.

Alright, back to coronavirus; has joining politics crossed your mind during this lockdown?

No way. I used to like politics when I was younger, but have no interest now.

What made you change your mind?

Politics in Uganda is a risky game. It puts one at risk.
Turning to cooking, which dish do you cook best?

Rice, beef, chicken and many others. [Raising her perfectly-manicured long nails, she runs them through her beautiful wig. But before Quick Talk can ask how she fares in the kitchen without breaking a nail, her phone rings. Nassim Studios is ready for her. She signals for me to wind up the interview.]

Any message for the youth looking up to you?
All I can say is work hard and never give up your dreams.

According to ugandanbuzz.com:

Lydia was born on July 27, 1991 in Mukono town to William Kasugi and Scolastica Nakanwagi. After her parents’ divorce, her mother raised her and four of her siblings, singlehandedly.

Her music career started in a high school choir before she later joined Passover Harvest Centre and Watoto Church choirs.
At university, she partnered with guitarist Harry Lwanga to do acoustic covers in bars as a way to raise her tuition.

She joined mainstream entertainment backing Radio and Weasel, Pallaso, Sheebah and Bebe Cool on stage and/or in studio.
Her big break came in 2014 with You Know, featuring Rabadaba.

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