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Eggplant parmigiana is the vegetarian’s lasagna

It can easily be mistaken for lasagna, given the similar nearly golden look, gooey texture and cheesy taste. No wonder it is referred to as the vegetarian’s lasagna alternative.

But instead of layers of pasta, in eggplant parmigiana, it is thin strips and strips of eggplant layered and baked with loads of cheese, tomato paste and mozzarella.

It is so cheesy that you may need to wash it down with a glass of wine or juice. Surprisingly, the eggplant herein is not slimy and does not melt in the mouth as is usually associated with the vegetable, but is rather rough and chewy.

You can’t fail to notice the reassuring smell of garlic while the tomato paste adds a little bit of tanginess and sweetness.

Italians rate this meal very highly and Cantine Divino restaurant off Mabua road, Nakasero considers this as one of their most popular dishes and one of the cheapest at Shs 35,000.

If you think that is not cheap, try their platter, which goes for Shs 150,000.


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