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Vegetable sandwich can’t be just about bell peppers

Three bites in and it was evident that the tangy taste of cheese was missing from my MunchBox vegetable sandwich.

Even the much-advertised mashed potato, tomatoes and onions were also missing. A vegetable sandwich missing the commonest vegetables!

Perhaps the chef forgot or just chose to make it with the vegetable patty of just yellow, green and red capsicum (bell peppers), a seemingly torn leaflet of lettuce and carrots all slightly dry-fried with soy sauce.

The orange and red capsicums offered the sweet and fruity aftertaste while the green bell pepper spattered the natural veggie flavours. All these had been sandwiched inside a crunchy toast and accompanied with lots of fries.

The food comes packed in their customized white lunchboxes with the sandwich on one side and the fries on the other - very inviting to the eye.

But I highly doubt if any diner who loves their meat would have given this sandwich a third bite – not that they would have ordered it in the first place. Even for vegetarians, however, it was such a dry, flat sandwich.


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