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The Roll needs better marketing

Sometimes the most marketed is not necessarily the best.

The Roll, located on Corner House, Mawanda Road in Kamwokya arguably has the best ‘elitist rolex’ in town despite its poor marketing. The location of the outlet is not helpful either; it is so easy to miss given that it is in the corner of the building.

Still, the other more popular rolex outlets surely have lessons to pick from The Roll. Even with an elitist touch, the Musoga chef (no offence intended) at The Roll somewhat maintains the local authentic taste of the ‘nyanyambisi’. 

The Roll has at least nine different types of rolex, from The Jinja (the original rolex), The Delhi (vegetarian rolex), The Bangkok (contains cilantro and sprouts), The El Paso (includes cheddar cheese, pico de gallo and cilantro or coriander), The Lyon (contains sliced ham, gouda cheese and dijon mustard), The Bologna (with Italian bolognese sauce, cheese and cilantro), The Oslo, The Sonoma to the Kingston (which is not on the menu). 

The Kingston rolex is made with lots of Jamaican jerk chicken pellets, coleslaw salad  - all spread with a salad cream dressing stuffed inside a very fresh-flaky and fluffy soft chapatti. In the coleslaw are carrots, green pepper, cabbages, spring onions, lettuce etc. The chapatti is only rolled out once an order has been made. The egg is fried with fresh tomatoes. 

The Shs 23,000 Kingston rolex is served with fries that have a slightly sweet taste on a flat wooden plate. Each client is handed a take-home two-page menu.

Unfortunately, their drinks are limited to only 350ml soda priced at Shs 3,000 and Minute Maid juice (400ml) at Shs 4,000, and nothing else. 


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