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The Orchard’s food is a health cure menu

More urbanites are turning to healthy eating, and restaurateurs are not blind to the changing tide.

Located along the ‘healthy food stretch’, Dewinton road near the National Theatre (there are at least five healthy food restaurants along this street), the display counter of The Orchard, where normally there are cakes or snacks in other restaurants, here there is fresh fruit.

The snacks though can be made on request. Their menu is relatively expensive with all juices costing more than Shs 10,000 and all food above Shs 20,000 except for the plain salad that costs Shs 10,000.

The juice menu looks more like a medical advisory printout with each juice named after the ailment it is purportedly attempting to cure.

For example; there is Loosen Up 1 & 2 juice for sinusitis, Evergreen for curing stress, Earth Mother for pregnancy care, Six Pac for bloating, Root 66 for asthma, Bumpy Ride for cellulite cure, Flush-a-bye-baby for curing the urinary system.

Do they work? Well, I have no idea. I opted for the straightforward option of sugarcane juice. It smelled so fresh and was naturally sweet.

The food is mostly salad (lettuce, cucumber, carrots) served with half a boiled plantain, a piece of roasted pumpkin (with a great smoky taste) and baked potatoes with beans on the side.

The salads are half-cooked without salt, while the boneless local chicken is first charcoal-grilled, then spruced with cabbages and lots of African spices. The salad of course tasted flat but the chicken was extremely tasty. It is quite a popular hangout.


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