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Riders portions not for the big appetites

Perhaps Riders Lounge imports all its vegetables; otherwise, at Shs 26,000 for a plate of chicken salad, the lounge located at Acacia Place not only fell short on quality but on quantity as well. 

Surely, they can afford to give a diner a full tomato, a full boiled egg, maybe half avocado, but alas, it was three slices of tomato, two slices of a boiled egg and three slices of avocado. Really?! At that price?

Rarely do we suffer a shortage of fruits and vegetables as a country, and even when there is one, it is short-lived, lasting no more than 24 hours. The early warning signs were all too glaring. I had to signal for a waiter after sitting for close to 10 minutes without anyone showing interest.

The menu came but I still had to beckon the waiter again in order to place an order after waiting another five minutes. Everything seemed to work in slow motion. The chicken salad would be quick, I thought, and I was not so hungry anyway, and quick indeed it was, but there was a squabble between the waiters over whose client had ordered it first, right in front of us!

The sweet-tasting crouton (fried bread) added to the artistic plating but the grilled chicken strips tasted more raw than ready and the parmesan cheese had melted away to form a yoghurt-like liquid at the bottom of the bowl without any flavour.

At least the “most useless vegetable”, the iceberg lettuce (due to its low nutritional content), tasted so fresh but this too was served in very small quantities just like the avocado and tomatoes. 


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