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Sheraton dares with eat-till-you-drop brunch


What and how much can one eat in five to six hours with unlimited access?

Well, Sheraton hotel Kampala’s Sunday brunch dares the daring. At Shs 90,000 for adults and Shs 40,000 for children, diners can eat anything in whatever amount from 11:30am to 5pm. With free access to the swimming pool for the ‘brunchers’ and a live musical band, you can actually while away your Sunday just eating.

The so-called food market starts off with the tea, soup and bread sections. Here the spread includes baked beans, beef sausages, mushroom soup or bread. Soon after is the seafood section, which has got octopus, prawns, salmon and the Japanese sashimi (raw fish usually eaten with soy sauce), among others.

This is followed by the Middle Eastern sharwama section. The sharwama chicken served with sharwama spice mix. Then the charcoal-grilled meat section that has all the meats except pork (for obvious reasons) follows.

You can cap this with the sweet and well-spiced Indian tandoori chicken (marinated in yoghurt) – the standout for me. Local dishes cooked in earthware and luwombo are also there.

Fans of luwombo chicken, luwombo mpuuta (Nile perch), luwombo goat meat, groundnut paste, matoke, sweet potatoes, etc, would be thrilled. And of course there are vegetables, a pasta section, fruits and Indian naan.

The dessert was rich with ice cream, cakes, pies and puddings. For those who drink, a glass of sparkling wine welcomes with the feasting.  Trust Ugandans to heap their plates even with this unlimited access. The downside: no takeaways allowed.



0 #1 kabayekka 2019-08-23 00:30
Good to start encouraging Africans to eat and enjoy food to the maximum in the tropical climate.
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