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Lebanese Taouk chicken is worth a try

Served with the chewy pitta bread and skewered with fresh tomatoes, the Taouk chicken kebab will guarantee you a unique and sensational chicken taste. 

At the Lebanese Food restaurant in Ntinda near Hardware World, half a kilogram goes for Shs 28,000 and a kilogram at Shs 51,000. It is well-marinated skinless chicken breast (boneless), which is very tender, flavourful and moist with a divine taste.

The grilled tomatoes as always, add to the sensational natural aroma and taste. It is best eaten when rolled in the pitta bread and then spread with the Lebanese garlic paste. And if you don’t like the smell of garlic, worry not, the way the garlic sauce is made, you hardly even notice that it is indeed garlic.

Well, grilled chicken breast may sound a simple BBQ dish but the secret is in the marinade, which is quite elaborate and requires no less than four hours to make it perfect.

It is not a ready-on-the-go meal; so, you will have to wait some 20 to 25 minutes before it is served. The plating is superb, garnished with cooked slices of cucumber pickles (preserved in vinegar), raw onions and fresh lettuce leaves. It is a very inviting meal, served with extremely tasty paprika that you won’t even realize how hot it was until the meal is done.

This Lebanese restaurant looks so forsaken at times, but it seems to finally have found its footing.

The clientele is growing (mostly Middle Eastern). But with its rich menu ranging from grills and BBQs, sandwiches, innovative pizza varieties and juice cocktails, it is only a matter of time before adventurous foodies make it a deservedly popular outlet.


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