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So, Robert Pattinson is the new Batman

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

There are three dimensions to this development. First, people are angry. Why? Because Robert Pattinson played Edward Cullen in a YA Movie franchise called The Twilight Saga.

To these people, Pattinson is still that tiny, sparkling, pale-faced vampire that set so many teenage girls’ hearts alight years back. This is, of course, a false interpretation of Pattinson’s acting abilities.

The Twilight movies were far from Pattinson’s finest acting work. Fortunately, the actor made so much money from those movies that he never has to work another day in his life. And because of that, Pattinson has shunned popular, blockbuster franchises in favour of indie projects such as Good Time.

Go watch Cosmopolis, The Rover, and Water for Elephants. His movies are hardly perfect, but Pattison always shines. Whatever you think of the approach he will take when he breathes new life into Bruce Wayne, you should not use his role in Twilight as an excuse to dismiss him.

Now, let us consider what this means for the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Warner Bros has spent the last two years reworking its entire comic book movie universe. The arrival of Pattinson shows that Warner Bros is truly determined to overhaul its plans in ways that are not just cosmetic.

And now that we have our Batman, it is only a matter of time before a new superman is announced, which is a shame because Henry Cavil was perfect for the role.

Thirdly, we need to talk about the message Matt Reeves is sending by bringing Pattinson on board. We have known for a while now that the next Batman movie would go the noir route, highlighting batman as a detective rather than a larger-than-life super hero.

Pattinson’s arrival merely cements what we knew. When you look at Ben Affleck, you see a brawler, a fighter, a warrior. When you look at Pattison, you see a thinker, a detective, a more introspective hero. Pattison’s Batman will be more muted, possibly even more nuanced.

There is so much potential for a deeper exploration of the character, both as the caped crusader and the billionaire playboy.


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