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It’s eggs, eggs and eggs at Torino restaurant


Going by the number and size of TV screens, Torino bar and restaurant on Park Lane in Kololo is predictably more enjoyable for evenings and sports weekends.

But fate dragged me there for breakfast. It is a very tidy restaurant and exceptionally well set up with canopying tree shades if you prefer to sit outside. It is one of those places you walk into and feel ‘special’ and privileged just to be there to spend your money.

And unlike most high-end restaurants in town, here the day starts early too like for the rest of us. It is not immediately obvious that except for hotel restaurants, most of Kampala’s elite restaurants are amazingly not open before 11am. No wonder the likes of Cafe Javas now have specially themed breakfast menus and are reaping big.

Torino too has a breakfast menu with the English breakfast of the usual tea, eggs, bacon, baked beans, grilled tomatoes and hash browns. This costs Shs 25,000. Their own Torino breakfast includes eggs (of your choice - boiled, scrambled, poached, etc), beef steak, hash browns, creamed spinach and grilled potatoes, as well as American pancakes – all at Shs 30,000.

This was going to be my choice but on inquiry, I was told the pancakes were not available. Egg-themed breakfasts are so plain boring especially for regular diners and food reviewers because there isn’t anything unique about them.

But the only choice left were the French toast breakfast (slices of bread soaked in eggs before shallow-frying), milk flavoured in cinnamon and fried golden brown potatoes, and there was a Spanish omelet at Shs 25,000. Eggs again? Aggrrhh!

But a plain omelet at Shs 25,000?

Even when I switched to the snacks menu and went for the chicken nuggets, these are washed in eggs, according to the menu. But the slightly crunchy golden brown nuggets that are caked with bread crumbs have no taste of eggs.

These are served aplenty with lots of chips. I counted at least 12 pieces of nuggets. No wonder the food is served in a basket rather than a plate and it would take exceptional skill and stamina to finish this meal off.

The chips too tasted uniquely different and so was the flavoured ketchup. I will definitely be back to experience the evening and hopefully it will be minus eggs.



0 #1 WADADA roger 2019-04-12 20:58
Well, is this an article or an advert Mr writer, i wonder how much money you were paid to waste this space
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