Kleith Kyatuhaire talks about life after television

Kleith Kyatuhaire

Kleith Kyatuhaire

Former NTV presenter Kleith Kyatuhaire has been missing in action. The former T-Nation presenter is now thriving as a businesswoman in Dubai, UAE. She talked to Nathan Atiluk.

Where have you been, Kleith?

I think you feel like I went missing because you were not looking hard enough; however, I went to Dubai and I was working with Mattel in conjunction with Disney. I used to host live shows for the European audience, then later on I started working with Get Quick International.

How did you get the Dubai gig?

I left Uganda in 2016 when my contract with NTV [expired] and it was at the same time when one of my friends called me to join them for a holiday in Dubai. While there, I enjoyed the stay and looked for a reason to stay [longer].

While there, I would get calls from people who thought I was familiar with Dubai and they wanted me to take them around. I used to charge them about $400 and realized there was a company that did the same; it was where I would go for vans to take these people around. I decided to just join the company and work with them since they had more resources than me.

What is the company?

It is called Get Quick International. It deals in shipping, booking hotels for those coming to Dubai, as well as getting visas for people travelling to Dubai. I work as the executive marketing manager.

Speaking of tourism, have you heard about ‘Tulambule’?

Yes, I have heard of the campaign. I like it but don’t love the fact that it focuses much on the photos of the Tulambule ambassadors, because they don’t add much value to the campaign. The organizers should instead focus on photos of these ambassadors with the tourism features because they are very many in Uganda.

It is a good idea and people are getting to know that the tourism sector is growing.

When are you in Uganda since you work in Dubai?

Oh my God, I think most people are tired of seeing my face. I am always in the country once or twice a month, or more, depending on our clients; sometimes they have items that need urgency such as medicines, or decorations for weddings; so, I have to come through.

Also we have many clients here in East Africa; so, we have to keep shipping daily and at the end of the day I have to come and see what we have done.

Do you ever dream of contesting for Miss Tourism, since you are into that now?

Wow, first things first; the tourism sector in Uganda has a lot to do. They have to educate every Ugandan to have a passport; so, the tourism industry still has a long way to go and I am not ready to teach people those little things; however, I want to [help] people [tour] different parts of the world…not just Dubai.

Do you miss being on TV and do you wish to get back?

Yes, I miss television because it gave me great exposure, but now I am focused on other projects.

How is it having a career in a foreign land?

The biggest challenge is language barrier, because we work with many people from different countries. For instance, someone from Congo can call me but I don’t speak Lingala. But the whole experience is mindblowing because I have learnt a lot and I have the best boss in the world.

Are you back to Uganda for good or you are going back to Dubai?

I officially began working with my management in Uganda at the beginning of this year. We are setting up offices in Ntinda that will work directly with the Dubai office. I am in Uganda for only a few days and I will be going back soon.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I believe as a Christian that in five years, I will be more prosperous, more materialized in terms of huge property. I believe that I will be a somebody.

TV has always been my passion; it is something I am good at but if I am called to part-time for something like CNN, you guys will definitely see me on your screens. But for now, I know the worth of working on TV and to be honest, I believe our Ugandan TVs are just ripping us off because advertising companies give a lot of money and they [TVs] pay peanuts.

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