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Hidden gem at Le Pro Cafe

You can only appreciate it once you’re inside Le Pro Cafe located at Valley Curve Kigowa, along the Ntinda-Kigowa road.

From the outside it appears like any other of those restaurant startups, started for the sake of it. But once inside, if the African print table mats don’t impress you enough, then the fresh roses should. Still if not, the variety of food (wraps, burgers, salads etc) on their beautiful tableware.

After debating with herself whether I was at the restaurant to eat something, the waitress finally came to take my order after about seven minutes. I was their third customer, so traffic was not that huge and it was in the morning anyway.

But here it did not matter; a few minutes later every table outside the cafe was filled.

Amazingly, all the customers here had laptops. It is a place frequented by those going through a proposal, budget etc. It is dotted with sockets for charging laptops and phones. It also apparently offers free wi-fi but it was off by the time The Observer visited, but none of the clients seemed bothered.


I ordered for a hot chocolate that had nothing worth writing home about, but the Cobb salad was fantastic.

It is a combination of grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, sliced boiled eggs, cucumber, some nuts all mixed in vinegar.  It was a lazy brunch for me that was very well platted, inviting any vegetarian to dig in.


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