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Sheebah proved her relevance on Ugandan music scene

Last Friday, Sheebah Karungi held her second and biggest concert yet – the Omwoyo concert at Hotel Africana in Kampala.

What stood out clearly from the beginning was the fact that her biggest fan club consists of females in their twenties and thirties. Although men where in attendance, many showed signs that they were there as plus-ones to their girlfriends and spouses.

Sheebah’s girl power messages and body confidence speeches clearly resonate with her female fans more. Unlike other concerts, this one was graced by many ‘women groups’; some were seen singing and dancing together, others stood alone dancing and flowing with the lyrics of each song.

Sheebah, like most musicians, took us through her musical journey but emphasized the importance of women working hard and making their own money to liberate themselves and make independent decisions.

“I’m grateful to my family who saw me go through this, but also to you my fans. I’m what I am because of you; you are part of my family,” she said before receiving a standing ovation.

The show kicked off as early as 7pm with a few upcoming musicians and big names including Gravity Omutujju, Oulanya Columbus, Irene Ntale and Spice Diana who sang her hit song Thirty-Two (32), and DJs.

Other musicians, comedians, TV and radio presenters quietly mingled with the revellers and some of the artistes that came to support their own included Mesach Semakula, Catherine Kusasira and Afande Kerekere.

Gravity Omutujju sent the crowd into laughter when he sounded like a scheduler, saying: “Please, also next time support Chameleone on December 7, Irene Ntale on January 25 and Fik Fameica.”

Some fans told him to pay for the advert. At exactly 9:43pm, Sheebah stepped on stage; her appearance alone was welcomed by screams as she kicked off with Nkwatako, which all the revellers seemed to comfortably sing along to.

Other songs such as Ice Cream followed, before Sheebah officially launched her online followers that call themselves Sheebaholics.

She later unveiled Omwoyo as her last performance with the crowd asking for more. As people exited the venue, The Observer saw some pleading with organisers to at least pay, just to meet Queen Sheebah, as her fans refer to her.


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