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Café Javas gives birth to a cheaper baby, Food Hub

In the owner’s words, The Food Hub is priced, set up and themed for the millennials - call it the youth version of Café Javas.

It is located on Cargen House, the space formerly occupied by Nando’s along Jinja road. True to proprietor Omar Ahmed Mandela’s words, it is youth-themed, from burgers at the Mighty Burger counter to ice cream at the Cream Supreme counter and roasted chicken at the Roostas.

WandaCrust serves the pizzas while Mr Golden is for the fried chicken. Most tables only seat two, indicative of the youthful couples that frequent the place.

On the day that The Observer visited, it was not that busy but we were told from Thursday to Sunday, the Food Hub becomes a beehive of activity, thanks to the sockets allover the pillars for the Facebookers, Snapchatters and Instagramers. Also, Wednesday and Thursday are the buy-one-get-one-free-pizza days.

The prices are really youth-friendly in comparison to the hub’s mother restaurant, Café Javas, located on the other side of the same building.

Very few items go beyond the Shs 20,000 price mark. Even Shs 10,000 can be enough to get you a piece of quality chicken, chips and bottle of soda. Shs 19,500 can get you up to nine pieces of boneless chicken pieces, soda and chips at Mr Golden.


Visit any Café Javas branch in this town and you will curse those who claim the economy is currently horrible. It can be hard finding a seat at Café Javas, any time of the day.

Café Javalists swear by the restaurant’s quality, quantity and customer care, regardless the price tag. Sometimes you will even see Mandela himself getting involved in serving customers or berating staff that get it wrong. 

Well, at the Food Hub, it’s not really the Café Javas service standard that we are all used to. There, staff leave it for you to figure out that you have to place and pick orders by yourself.

They are very keen on cleanliness though, wiping the tables and glass windows almost every five minutes.


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