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My croissant breakfast

It still won’t beat the celestial taste of croissant with baked beans, but the croissant with scrambled eggs is mighty close.

At the Park Square inside Sheraton Kampala hotel’s lobby, it is served as a simple breakfast meal, but it will leave you feeling too full.

On the menu, it is served with grilled tomatoes and spring onions, but for some reason, mine was served with just fresh tomatoes and some other vegetable I had no idea about. It was still very tasty though. This comes at a price of Shs 18,000. 

The flaky classic French croissant is as freshly baked as they come with a sweet bakery aroma. Of course the buttered scrambled eggs taste like buttered scrambled eggs.

It was all washed down with an iced caramel mocha – an expresso well-blended with chocolate syrup, caramel syrup all mixed with whipped cream and ice cubes.

This comes at a cost of Shs 15,000. It is very smooth (nearing a smoothie) especially for those who love an iced expresso or iced tea.

I have had some friends ask before the idea behind iced tea. If you want tea, then why do you want it iced? They ask.

But it is one of those things down to personal preference. As you sip on the mocha, the caramel actually stands out, giving you a tantalizing taste. The glass is big enough and worth the high price.

It easily filled me and I failed to have lunch thereafter yet I had not even finished the croissant.


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