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Make your perfect hot chocolate

Being a blind lover of hot chocolate, I was spending nearly Shs 100,000 per week (when I had the money, anyway), hopping from one café to another for the sensational mugs of hot chocolate.

The average price in Kampala is about Shs 8,000 per cup and for those who know, the first cup normally only acts as an initiation for the second one.

Well, until I was told by one of the waitresses at one of my favourite cafés that I still frequent, nevertheless, that it was not actually so hard to make the hot chocolate myself. She said the money I was spending per week would buy me the ingredients that can make me the desired hot chocolate to take me through a month.

And even then, I was told, I could change my flavorings as and when desired from sugar free, to low fat or rich in vanilla, full cream, etc. And the ingredients of cocoa, vanilla, milk of course, and cream are all over the supermarkets in town.

But the one place that you will sure get them any day is Millennium supermarket at Kisementi. They have a variety of vanilla extracts and cocoa by Cadbury and Kentcafe, among others, imported from UK, Italy, Turkey, etc.

Boil the milk with cream first, then mix the cocoa, sugar and salt in one large mug or dish or whatever you choose. Gradually add the hot milk and stir until it’s well blended.

Add the vanilla or coffee, or ginger, coconut or whatever other unique flavouring taste that you prefer at this point while stirring. You can heat again in the microwave before serving if you prefer it super hot.

And that there, is homemade hot chocolate in less than five minutes, and Shs 100,000 saved per week on my side.


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