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Juicing beyond passion fruit and oranges


Mention juice and many Ugandans think no further than passion fruit or orange juice. Blame it on the juicing pioneers in the country, but as ice cream parlours can attest, once Ugandans are so used to some flavours/tastes going against the norm will raise a few eyebrows.

For many a Ugandan, ice cream can only come in pink for strawberry and cream for vanilla. Similarly for juice, if it is cocktail juice, then it must be passion fruit, oranges, tangerine and perhaps lemon or watermelon.

Yet the fact is that any fruit or vegetable can make juice; you can offer your family a different taste.

Recently, Makerere University’s Dr Stella Nyanzi posted on social media how her children were adamant to have lunch despite all the motherly pleading but with better plating of the same food, they needed no second invitation.

Similarly, the same passion fruit, orange juice can become a little bit boring. But even without a blender, some fruits such as mangoes, tomatoes, pineapples and papaya can be squeezed with a clean kitchen towel for their flavours to give your juice a better taste.

Of course a blender or juicer will make the process easier, as anything from broccoli, ginger, carrots, cabbages, berries, guava, apple, name it, can be added unto the juice to give it a more appealing look, flavour and taste but, above all, enjoy the extra healthy nutrients that come from the respective fruits or vegetables.

However, exercise caution when trying out the different blends, as you don’t want your juice to taste like some unbearable herbal medical concoction.

Also, not all fruits play well together. Think about acidity and sweetness when picking the fruits to mix/combine.

Every fruit has its own nutrient composition; so, it may be of help if you do some bit of research before exploring.


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