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Spotlight: An unexpected shocker that left me disturbed

That day, I returned home a little after eight, totally exhausted, but very pleased with myself and what I had been able to accomplish.

I had visited four different establishments, and had gotten follow-up meetings scheduled for each of them; and as I climbed into bed that night, I was positive about what the next day would bring.

Best of all though, the cloak of depression that had accompanied me to bed each night was gone. That’s not to say I wasn’t still sad, because I was, but now that I had a renewed sense of purpose, my sadness was lighter, and no longer as overwhelming and debilitating as it had been over the past week.

The next day, I visited another four places, and the day after that some others. With each passing day, I felt myself grow stronger, and by the end of the week, leaving the house was not such a daunting task, and I ditched the sunglasses as my self-confidence returned.

And then just when it began to feel like I was finally getting my life back on track, my world came crashing down around me once again.

I was at a small cafe in town early in the morning, waiting to see the manager who had invited me for an eight o’clock meeting.

He was running late though, and so to occupy myself, I picked up a complimentary newspaper lying on the table, and began idly flipping through the pages. Then there it was, a headline on the fifth page that screamed at me; “Chris’s son C.G admitted in critical condition.”

My heart was beating so heavily, I could hear my blood roaring in my ears as I skimmed through the details of the story; “Barely a week after he was discharged from hospital, Chris is back at the same hospital, this time at the bedside of his two-year-old son C.G, who was admitted early yesterday morning with breathing complications.”

I didn’t wait to read the rest of the story, and staggered to my feet before dashing out of the cafe. I didn’t have the patience to call and wait for a cab; so, I flagged down the first boda boda I saw, and with frightened tears streaming down my face, directed him to get me to the hospital as fast as he could.


+1 #1 sloan 2018-07-17 16:35
two minutes of my life I shall never get back.
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+1 #2 sloan 2018-07-17 16:36
2 minutes of my life I shall never get back!!!!!.......again
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