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Hummus with shawarma chicken is so finger lickin’ good

Simply wash your hands; become a little ‘uncivilised’ and adroitly dig the fingers into this Turkish/Lebanese meal, the hummus with sharwama chicken at Karam Halal fast food restaurant at Acacia mall Food court.

How else can you enjoy such a golden meal? Rending into the pita (leavened Asian bread) and neatly dipping the inviting pieces into the creamy roasted chickpea garlic humus (paste) adds to the yum-yum eating experience.

It is amazing how just a few months ago, chickpeas was the spoiler of my Ethiopian food and yet this time it was the most tasteful and riveting item of this Asian meal.

The natural olive oil gives the humus the oily touch and brings with it the proven healthy benefits including guarding against cancer, and heart disease, among others.

This sharwama meal is best eaten by taking in morsels of the now pasted pita and quickly follow it with another morsel of sharwama chicken (or beef).

Then chew away all at once to get the wonderful taste experience. Sharwama is that marinated (this time in garlic) boneless beef or chicken, charcoal-roasted evenly on a rotisserie also known as the rotating spit. Foodies know how a charcoal roast is unbeatable if well done. And the rotisserie ensures no part is unevenly roasted.

The meal is served with salad made of collard greens, cucumber, green pepper, onions, and tomatoes - mildly juiced by lemon. The chickpeas might get the hands a little messy but that should not be a deterrent for one to enjoy the meal in the best possible way – using hands.

Unfortunately, food courts may not be the best place for a foodie to return to their hand-eating habits. Do it right and you won’t draw any unnecessary gazes. The price for the meal is relatively affordable at Shs 19,500 and is worthy every penny and looks healthy.


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