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10 reasons to watch Dr Who

Doctor Who is the best science fiction show in television history. Yes, I have watched Star Trek and yes, I have seen The Expanse.

No, I haven’t watched Battlestar Galactica. But I do not think I have to first watch every science fiction show ever produced before I can definitively say that Doctor Who is the best Sci-Fi show ever made—though that is sound logic.

The series follows the exploits of an alien with a time machine disguised as a police box. He spends his days traversing space and time and saving the universe. The Doctor Who fandom is pretty large. But I feel like it could be larger.

I feel like there are plenty of potential Doctor Who fans just waiting for a good reason to leap headlong into this mad timey wimey swamp that is Doctor Who. So, I think I will give you ten. That’s right; ten good reasons to watch Doctor Who.

First, there’s time travel. You get to jump back and forth through rustic historical settings and would-be futures; so, that’s always fun.

Second, the Doctor is an amazing protagonist. Think James Bond but light years smarter, more charming and so much more intriguing. There is no such thing as a bad Doctor Who episode so long as the Doctor gets even a moment of screen time. The grand speeches, the quirks, the rapid babbling, it all just works.

Third, the Doctor keeps changing. Again, think back to James Bond. If you don’t like any one incarnation of the Doctor, you are still sorted because there are at least a dozen other incarnations, one of which is bound to blow your mind.

Fourth, Doctor Who is always a two-man show. With every new Doctor comes a new companion. And each companion is as important to the show as the Doctor himself. So, even when a particular incarnation of the doctor fails to entertain, you can always look to the companion.

Five, Doctor Who is as much mystery as it is science fiction. Each episode is a box of clues and secrets dying to be resolved and unraveled; so, that’s a great bonus.

Six, the villains are inventive. Doctor Who has struggled with financial constraints over the years. They have had to get creative with their villains and it pays off in later seasons. The tin cans that are the Daleks do not seem like the most intimidating antagonists until you actually see them in action.

Seven, the show has such a grand scope. We have seen the doctor do everything from destroying universes to towing planets across space and time. Eight, even with the grand scope, Doctor Who has the capacity to produce such small and intimate yet mind-blowingly engaging stories.

Nine, the show is such an emotional rollercoaster. From the rage of Tennant to the whimsy of Matt Smith and the somber hollowness of John Hurt, I feel like Doctor Who has the capacity to push all the buttons on the emotional spectrum.

Ten, Doctor Who has such a wide and varied fan base that once you actually plug into the show, you are guaranteed an inexhaustible stream of tantalizing conversations.

If I can generate ten awesome reasons to watch Doctor Who, you can find at least one hour (or ten) out of your life (or day) to watch at least an episode (or a season) of Doctor Who.

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