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DJ Caesar spices up UG Pineapple party

Last weekend, all roads led to one fun destination, the picturesque Buvi Lodge on the shores of Lake Victoria.

While the journey on a bumpy road was long, the fun and free Uganda Waragi cocktails on the minibuses ensured that the beach partygoers remained entertained throughout.

And when they got to their destination, it was well worth the wait. Well-set beach grounds with sunshades, beach chairs and a wide selection of cocktails and food, it was party to the last minute. Revellers did not waste any time getting wet or getting served.

DJ Caesar (R) in action

Urban TV’s Denzel Mwiyeretsi ensured he got the biggest attention from the crowd. Even before setting off, he pulled on his beach shorts, parked his mini BMW convertible and jumped onto the Coaster.

When revellers were dropped off at Buvi, he did not waste any time jumping into the swimming pool, right after mingling and greeting most of the people who had come to party.

For most of the Uganda Waragi Pineapple party, revellers were energized to stay on their feet to dance, thanks to DJ Caesar. From girls twerking to the best African beats, to boys enjoying a game of cards alongside a cocktail, everyone was catered for.

With Lake Victoria providing the best backdrop and breeze, it was a good way to wind down a long week and forget the pains of all African teams being kicked out of the World Cup.

The MC, Salvador, challenged patrons to a dance fest to win bottles of the newly launched UG Pineapple. And when fishermen made a pit stop at Buvi to catch some of the music from the DJ’s box, Salvador invited them over and challenged them to a rap battle with hilarious results.

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