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You may want to try these activities too

Travelling, tourism and entertainment do not necessarily mean that one should only visit the wild or some other magnificent physical features that make up part of Uganda’s wonderful nature. 

Your family, friends and you can decide to go a different route with activities away from the cliché musical concerts, the beach, and increasingly a national park visit. Here are some of the activities that might come in handy and within a fuel-friendly radius,  JONATHAN KAMOGA writes.

Zip lining

Much as this activity has not entirely gained popularity among Ugandans, it is one of those you would wish to add to your bucket list, especially for those who want to overcome their fears of heights. It is great for the ultimate adrenalin junkie too.

Zip lining involves zipping down a high-raised rope at different heights, secured from one end to another. This can be found at adventure parks but for the ultimate challenge, you need to find your way to Jinja’s Griffin falls inside the high trees of the Mabira forest.

Apart from just the zip lining, you will enjoy a revealing nature walk. This activity will cost Sh 60,000 per head in Jinja.

Adventure parks

There are several adventure parks in the country within the vicinity of Kampala and the most prominent of them are Busiika and Lakeside Adventure Park in Mukono. Outside Kampala, Supreme Adventure Park in Kabale will show you how to have fun by challenging yourself more.

At these parks, you will have more fun if you travel in a group because the games available mainly call for teamwork.

These places offer paintball shooting, treasure hunts, power jumps, spider web, wall climbing and bamboo rafting. The challenges and obstacle races here require one to be physically fit, but are extremely entertaining too. Get out of the box!

White water rafting

Then there is this one that is not for the fainthearted. A few Ugandan friends I have interacted with regarding the activity have told me that there will be no way of taking on the risk, adding that “it is for bazungu”.

Hey, just because the activity is called white water rafting it does not mean it is a preserve for people with white skin!

Indeed, those who have tried it said they would do it again because of the adrenalin rush that comes with trying to stay safe and dry on a raft as it hurtles down some angry rapids on River Nile.

I would recommend this activity even though I have personally not yet tried it out. Rafting can be done in Jinja with different companies that offer the service.

This costs a Ugandan shs 250,000 and the price is negotiable.

Bungee Jumping

This is yet another activity that could help you overcome your fear of heights and give you an experience you might never forget.

Plummeting from a raised platform towards the Nile way below is both scary and exciting. Bungee jumping can be found in Jinja, although currently, the facility is closed for maintenance, I was made to understand.

 Horse riding

This might be seen as something minor but to be honest, how many of us have ever been on a horseback?

Horse riding can be found in several areas on the outskirts of Kampala and Jinja.

If you stay around Kampala, get a weekend off and go to Speke Commonwealth Resort Munyonyo and ride your free time away. It will be a different kind of fun.

Also Flame Tree Stables in Kijjabijo, Gayaza, has amazing horseback experiences. 

Mountain climbing/hiking

I know the thought of trekking a whole eight days to reach Mt Rwenzori’s Margherita peak can be daunting. But it is possible! People have done it and you can too.

However, don’t just wake up one day and decide to conquer Uganda’s highest mountain. Start by building up your fitness in a gym and with roadwork, and also practice with smaller altitudes that dot the country.

You can go to Tooro’s Amabeere Ga Nyamwiru first, where the trek to and fro is quite something, not to mention a neighbouring hill you can scale to see the area’s famous crater lakes.

Then up your game by climbing Mt Elgon in the east. When you have conquered those, take on the Rwenzori. Before you know it, you will have a new hobby – mountain climbing – under your belt.


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