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Spotlight: My world crumbles around me

I was wearing a short, loose-fitting dress with no underwear on - my usual stay at home garb because of how comfortable it was; but now, with Julius bent over me, I was far from comfortable in the skimpy outfit that kept climbing up my thighs the more I struggled to get away from him.

When one of his hands slithered off from the couch to grab between my legs, my growing sense of panic exploded and I lashed out at him, striking him across the face.

Because of my awkward position, the slap was hardly a stinger, and Julius did not even flinch when it made contact.

“Haha, so you’re a fighter,” he laughed. “Well guess what? I’m a fighter too.”

He moved his right knee to join his hand, forcing my legs apart in the process. I wished I had not had as much to drink as I had, for maybe then I would have been able to put up a more spirited fight, but in my state, I was no match for Julius.

I began to whimper as my panic turned to raw fear at what I knew was about to happen. And then the front door was flung open.

“What the hell!” Julius cursed as he spun round, while getting up to see who had interrupted his moment.

As he got up, I was able to see past him to the front door where Greg stood staring at us, his expression one of shock, horror, disbelief and rage.

“Greg!” I gasped in relief as I clambered to get up.

“You f**king whore! My own brother! How disgusting can you get?” he hissed at me, stopping me in my tracks.

My expression slowly changed to one that mirrored his as his words sank in.

He actually believed that what he had walked in on was consensual!

How could he even imagine that, and how could he jump to crucify me without even giving me a chance to explain?

I was so shocked and hurt by his reaction that I could not speak, and Julius stepped in to fill the silence that had descended after Greg’s words.

“Hey, chill out bro; we weren’t actually going to do anything. You know me, I was just playing,” he said soothingly.

Greg held up a hand stopping Julius from trying to explain further.

“You’re my brother, and she’s a whore, so get out before I react in a manner that she isn’t worth,” he growled.

Unlike with me, Julius did not need to be asked twice, and picking up his keys, he left without saying another word, fleeing like a chastened child caught where he should not be.

Once he was gone, Greg turned his attention back to me.

“How could you? After all I’ve done for you, this is how you pay me back! By sleeping with my brother! I thought you didn’t even like him, or was that all an act so that I wouldn’t suspect anything? You make me sick! No wonder Chris beat up on you; I can’t even blame him anymore, because right now I feel like beating you up too, and the only reason I won’t is because like I just told my sleazy brother, you’re not worth it.”

Greg had been mad at me before, but there was not just rage in his eyes and voice now, there was disgust too and that was completely new.

I had not said a word throughout his rant, too hurt and shocked to speak, but now I finally found my voice.

“Get out Greg,” I whispered.

“Oh, that’s rich! You sending me out of the house I rented and furnished. No problem. I’m leaving, but you better find a job soon, because I’m not ever spending another shilling on you,” he hissed.

With that, he turned and stalked out, slamming the door behind him so hard that the windows rattled.

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