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Ugaroll puts rolex onto slayers’ menu

A rolex at Shs 8,000?! Which rolex – Ugandan or Swiss; surely that’s certainly a wrong price for a rolex.

Way too high for a Ugandan rolex of chapatti and eggs, and too low for a genuine luxury Swiss watch.

Lately, Ugandans have taken to social media, complaining about how the long queues at Ugaroll in Capital Shoppers parking lot in Ntinda, have made them miss their favourite rolex combos. Knowing Ugandans and their bandwagon ‘me too’ tendencies, I paid little attention.

Like one New Vision columnist (sorry, forgot his name) wrote years back, for choosing the dirtiest spots in townships, dirtiest plastic cups to beat the eggs and using the most stained kitchen towels, rolex makers had successfully chased away so many hygiene-conscious customers.

What made Ugarolls so special to even dare charge Shs 8,000 per rolex? That was my fact-finding mission.

I found only four customers. Where were the long queues that social media claims grace this restaurant in a container?

But upon ordering, I was told I was in the queue – at number 11. These must be random numbers, I convinced myself.

As I waited for my Special Chicken George, I watched as smarter customers strolled in to pick orders placed earlier. Yes, there are queues at this place. Lesson learnt: order and walk away from the sweltering heat.

About 10 minutes later, my rolex sliced right in the middle was ready, packed in a silver pack and placed in a branded paper bag.

If you have eaten chicken pizza before, this is exactly how this particular rolex tastes.  The eggs in the rolex get obliterated by the shredded chicken fillings in both visibility and taste. The half cooked tomatoes, cabbages and sweet onions are clearly visible and very tasty.

These ‘original’ rolex ingredients dressed up in salad cream, all but confirm that rolex is a localised pizza. They nearly taste the same, anyway. I added mango pickles to make it spicy.

One half of my rolex was enough to knock me out and send me to sleep. So, it was one half for lunch, another half for supper. I was still full, but my most expensive rolex was not about to go waste.



0 #1 Ntoni Timbyetaho 2018-06-25 15:06
Buy Uganda Build Uganda. 8k is not bad if a few varieties and other good things can be added in u know to make it much better, sell it at nice place, no delays to the buyers and above all target a certain class of Ugandans.

Its possible

Ntoni Timbyetaho, CEO Financial Planning Campaign and The marketing Club
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