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No leaf is too ugly for juice

The latest that has blown the hair off my head is cactus. Yes, cactus.

That ugly-as-sin plant – some call it a flower – has joined celery, mululuuza, hibiscus, cucumber, kale, cabbage, sweet potatoes, name it, in the blenders, in the search for good health and perfect skin.

Juicing has for the last few years been all the rage in Uganda, especially among the women, so much so that juice bars such as Kwenu Juice and Salad bar are making good money off selling detox juices, fruit salads and such.

I generally don’t like attaching a prescription to foods I love. For example, I love eating steamed beetroot, until someone pops up and starts reeling off dosages, benefits and styles of eating the beetroot. My subconscious automatically then locks that food out.

But recently after a particularly naughty weekend of irresponsible eating (read, food without dosages and blenders), I felt guilty and bloated; so, I clicked on the Jumia food app.

I looked up Kwenu’s juice list and settled for the Toxin Flush – a blend of spinach, lemon, ginger, apple and cucumber at Shs 10,000 – in the hope of coercing some of the nastiness of ‘unhealthy eating’ from my system.

Within the hour, my green concoction had arrived and I sipped on it forever. I guess seasoned juicers would call that yummy.

Me? My mind could not go past the fact that I was drinking my spinach and cucumbers…

When I was later whining about drinking my vegetables, my sister told me to stop fussing; after all, she was drinking her flowers!

Going by her lovely, flawless skin, I am eying the neighbour’s cactus wearily. Should I, shouldn’t I? It reportedly fights cancer and bad cholesterol.

It is either that, or the cabbage/sweet potato blend that is all the rage in weight loss, detox and healing a myriad of diseases. And smells horrible.

Sigh! When did we stop eating for the sake of enjoying good food!?


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