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We’ve come a long way since Attack On Titan


We need to talk about Attack On Titan. There was a time when anime took over the world.

It must have been 2013 when the first episode aired. Few people knew that manga even existed at the time. And even if they had applauded the genius of the Attack On Titan manga, I don’t think it would have mattered because those early chapters were, for lack of a better word, crap.

Not to say that the story was lacking. But Hajime Isayama’s art style was just ugly. But then we got the anime; that first episode hit the web and Attack On Titan took over the world.

I think it was the crisp clear animation that got to us, followed by the brutality of the episode, not to mention the powerful characters and the potential it promised for the future.

Attack On Titan is classified as dark fantasy. It takes viewers to Paradis, a city of three walls. Long ago, giant human-shaped creatures called Titans invaded the world. They drove humanity to extinction.

And in the wake of a brutal war, the tribes of the world pooled their resources and retreated behind three massive walls. There they have lived ever since, enjoying the peace that Paradis offers but also quite wary of the Titan armies roaming the world beyond, devouring sentient life where they find it.

The first episode picks up a hundred years later. A titan the likes of which humanity has never seen knocks the first of Paradis’ three walls down, exposing the city’s inhabitants to the Titan scourge.

In those early days, I don’t think any of us knew what AOT would become. I mean, we had an inkling that something special was unfolding after that second and third episode aired, and we found that we could not get enough of the young cast of recruits struggling to contribute to a losing war against a mindless enemy.

But it was not until that fifth episode that the truth sunk in; just go to YouTube and search for live reactions to episode five of Shingeki no Kyojin.

If you know nothing about anime or Attack on Titan, you will be shocked by the outpouring of emotion that will assault you.

People lost their minds. All of us anime fans lost it. We could not comprehend what we had just watched. But we knew we were hooked. Our hearts bled for Mikasa and recoiled with horror at the fate of…oh you need to watch it for yourself.

AOT hits you like a ton of bricks. It cannot fail to get a rise out of you and I don’t think we have ever seen an anime quite as infectiously exciting as this one.

I mean, sure, the show was a hit in Japan, but those guys will watch anything. It was not until the buzz reached Europe and the United States that we knew we had finally found the one show guaranteed to make fans out of anime skeptics.

People who would not touch anime with a ten-foot pole were falling over themselves for a chance to buy the AOT Bluerays.

YouTube channels dedicated themselves to AOT chapter breakdowns. Even Marvel got in on the action, dedicating a comic or two to the Titan craze.

We have come so far since those days. But one cannot deny the fact that Attack On Titan might be the one anime that can galvanize both fans and haters of anime, primarily because it prioritizes storytelling above all else.

If you love Game Of Thrones, let us just say that Attack On Titan is the Game Of Thrones of anime.



0 #1 Attack on titan fan 2018-05-20 07:30
I love attack on titan so much!!!.
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