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Movie review: Deadpool is back to sow chaos

Deadpool 2 deals with a new nemesis, Cable (Josh Brolin), who is sent to capture a mutant under the protection of Deadpool.

To deal with the rising threat posed by Cable, Deadpool forms the X-Force, a team of superheroes to help him fight.

Highly trained in martial arts and shooting, Wade Wilson can’t seem to stay clear of criticizing the X-Men that morphs into an anti-hero – someone people deserve but do not need.

Following its debut in cinema in 2016, Deadpool has won the hearts of many with its funny jokes in times of danger and comic improvisation.

Deadpool 2 reveals Wilson Wade’s soft heart, a trait that will charm you.

The film enlists Ryan Reynolds (The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Green Lantern), Josh Brolin (Avengers Infinity War, Sicario, No Country for Old Men), Morena Baccarin (V, Homeland, Gotham), Zazie Beetz (Geostorm, Atlanta), Terry Crews (The Expendables, Everybody Hates Chris), T.J Miller (Office Christmas Party).

Deadpool 2 opens this Friday at Century Cinemax, Oasis mall and Cinema Magic, Metroplex Naalya.


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