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Forget the drive-ins, In and Out restaurant drives into your home

Located in the heart of the buzzing Ntinda trading centre, In and Out is the ideal restaurant for the lazy bones wanting fast food delivered right to their doorsteps on one of those cold weekends or nights.

Yes, there are various food apps that do the same job, but calling In and Out directly will get your food several minutes faster.

In and Out is your typical fast foods restaurant with the menu not going beyond chips and chicken, pizza, sandwiches and burgers.

Eating from the restaurant will guarantee you a free 300ml soda but for home orders, the soda’s appearance depends on the mood of the staff on duty. 

If only the restaurant was more visible to the public! The Nakawa-bound taxis block the view of the restaurant.

Underdose chips

The starting price for chips and chicken is Shs 8,000 – perfect enough for a single eater. For two pieces of chicken, the price doubles to Shs 16,000.

For five pieces of chicken, the price comes to Shs 28,000, but with still the same size of chips as orders for one piece of chicken. If you want more chips, you part with an extra Shs 3,000 for single chips or Shs 6,000 ‘double’ chips. 

If the chicken pieces are too big, the chips come in opposite doses. A single piece of chicken is valued at Shs 5,000.

The deep-fried pieces come breaded with spices and big enough and worth the price.  The chips are ordinary – dry except for the aromatic seasoning.

“Our chicken is like KFC chicken,” staff of In and Out restaurant proudly say.

I guess this is on assumption that whoever visits their restaurant has been to KFC before or that KFC has set the benchmark for what chicken should taste like.

On being like KFC chicken; In and Out is not far off, after all.

And indeed like KFC, the tender soft and oil-drained chicken tastes heavenly for the first time and then ordinary thereafter. 



+2 #1 Akao 2018-04-22 03:55
This kind of food is grossly unhealthy, and for a country with plenty of healthy food like Uganda, no one should be encouraged to eat this kind of food, KFC inclusive, fortunately most would not afford the price tag for regular meals there-and by the way, it is not worth the price.

The health consequences of eating food like this can be seen in American population where obesity and its consequences is possibly highest in the world.

Lucky for them, they have a functional health system which a country like Uganda does not have
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+1 #2 Akot 2018-04-22 19:45
Akao, agreed!

USA-UK health departments are bogged down with obesity/health issues due to bad food that people believe good simply because advertisements say so!

Today, more a more Bio/Natural food stores are opening every where in Europe & people are being more & more attentive as to what they eat!

The food in the picture is frightening & I don't know how any one can even think of teasting it!
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