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It is a privilege to taste Afdal Bistro’s aromatic strawberry colada

From a distance, Afdal Bistro restaurant on Lumumba avenue gives a deceptive impression of a high-end exclusive coffee shop and, by extension, its ice cream parlour.  

The alley into the entrance further stretches that illusion but once inside, you will realise that it embraces clients from all walks of life.

Afdal serves a variety of local and exotic dishes and on this Friday afternoon, it has a sizeable number of clients.

On this day, however, it was thirst that took me there. When I placed my order for the strawberry colada, I noticed that staff were excited. At first I thought perhaps this particular order offers a higher commission for the staff.

“Why are you excited about this order?” I politely asked a charming Dora, a waitress.

“Because it is also my personal favourite,” she said. I was later to learn from Alfred Lusambiri, the mixologist, that I was just the second customer to place that order on the day. Understandably, the juice extension is still new at the bistro but never have I ever felt privileged and honoured to spend money at a restaurant.

The juice took about three minutes to prepare. It is made from coconut syrup, which gives it a creamy form. The strawberry puree gives it the flavoured taste and the pinkish look.

The pineapple juice completes the colada and as if to emphasize the freshness of the juice, a pineapple slice is decorated on the glass. It is a big enough glass matched with a big juice straw, which, on the downside, feels like a hosepipe in the mouth. But that is negligible and in no way does it affect the taste.

“This is freshly-made juice with real fruit extracts. I would recommend to anybody because it is very healthy,” Lusambiri said.  

For the service, I spent Shs 12,500 which was money well spent.


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