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Strawberry mojito perfect for soft and hard drinkers

Imagine the combined aroma spewed from strawberry and peppermint (mujaaja) - then the rounded sweet taste that comes off from this juice.

That, there, is the strawberry mojito. In this current sweltering Kampala heat, the strawberry mojito will definitely come in handy.

Even for the hard drinkers, this mojito would no doubt be the perfect punch for a Uganda Waragi (coconut flavoured). The carbonated soda perfectly balances the lime and the strawberry flavours while the ice cubes give the mojito the cooling balance. 

At Furaha restaurant off Gadaffi road in Makerere, a glass goes for Shs 12,000. Trust me, it is worth every cent. The aroma stimulates the taste buds and makes even sniffling on the juice efficacious.


The mojito gives off a relaxing effect, perhaps because of the mujaaja. Health officials say mujaaja invigorates the nervous, digestive and cardiovascular systems – remedy for the fatigued.

Since the body passes out what it takes in, the sweet aroma from the mojito will cleanse your stomach and the gas that comes out of it.

According to Isaac Mkisha, a chef at the restaurant, the mojito is good for those “with stomach issues”.

If you are battling horrid flatulence, this is one way to deodorise your gut while giving your taste buds some fun and the rest of the body some health benefits. 


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