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Bebe Cool explains his artiste list


Bebe Cool

On January 2, Bebe Cool posted a list on Facebook that has been a talking point in the music industry, drawing mixed reactions from fellow musicians and music fans alike.

The list was of artistes who deserved full recognition for entertaining Ugandans in 2017. He listed Ykee Benda, Fik Fameika, Irene Ntale, Vinka, David Lutalo and Voltage Music, among others, in no particular order.

He also put himself there for his 2017 songs, Katono, Mboozi Za Malwa, Nananana and 18 & Over. The list drew reactions from musicians who felt belittled by being excluded.

Jose Chameleone, Apass and Eddy Kenzo did not hesitate to voice their disagreements. Eddy Kenzo recorded a video outlining his achievements, saying apart from the age, he is ahead of Bebe Cool in all other aspects.

The Sitya Loss singer said Bebe is using the list to sideline musicians he fears. Jose Chameleone posted in response: “Never depend on other people to define your glory. Embrace what God gave you as an individual and celebrate His glory,” before adding, “I will never justify my ability by downplaying others. That’s for hyenas.”

He went on to list his hit songs throughout the years. While appearing on Spark TV’s Koona hosted by Miles Rwamiti last Friday, Bebe Cool tried to explain the list, shed some light on the music industry and give words of advice to especially up and coming musicians.

He said the likes of Kenzo should focus more on their music than fight battles with media and fellow musicians.

“It’s a pity that some musicians like Eddy Kenzo have chosen to react the way they did for not being on my list. Kenzo needs to know that he is dealing with two people; Ssali Moses and Bebe Cool. So, it’s going to be hard for him to understand. He should have come up with his own list instead,” he said.

He noted that some musicians should be glad they are not on the list as it comes with a lot of pressure. 

“The people on the list have been in the spotlight and they have to prove their worth in 2018. People will be on the lookout for them by the time this year ends to see if they will still be up there.”

Bebe said Ugandans have changed and no longer want beef. They want work. Over the years, fans have overlooked and possibly misled the artistes they claim to love. They cheered on their untidiness, fights and half-baked music and that is possibly why some of them fell off the charts and are now living off handouts.

He said it is time to invest because Ugandans have evolved. While musicians are still bickering, the people are watching international musicians in Nigeria or South Africa.



+1 #1 Bailor M Barrie 2018-01-24 18:53
we should know that we are brother and sister we should not beef our self ok i'm from Sierra Leone West Africa a fan of Eddy Kenzo thank
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