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Forget chips/chicken; the new craze is chips/byenda!

On one side of the hot and crowded Fresh Corner restaurant in downtown Kampala near the old taxi park are five pictures of President Museveni; three of them are official portraits, the other two are campaign posters from 1996 and 2001.

The proprietor must love yellow buses. Neighbouring the restaurant, a hair salon operated by a number of old men catches my eye; all the barbers use scissors!

The environment in a way suits Fresh Corner’s location, as it also still has the vintage restaurant feel of low coffee tables, sitting booths that are never enough for patrons…

Most times, one has to wait for a customer to leave to get a seat, which says a lot about the food. Fresh Corner has been around for ages, but lately it is famous for a dish no one serves in the city: chips, bread and offal. Yes, byenda.

Served with brown bread, chips and offal is the madness that hits your tastebuds without warning. The calculated seasoning in the gravy and roasted offal create a journey in your mouth, and it is not a bad one.

Forget katogo ka byenda that was a staple breakfast food in many eateries; this time the byenda dish is posh and comes with fries. And the always hot meal lives up to its billing, from the presentation that has chips on one side and offal gravy, to a bread slice and fresh cabbage placed carefully on the other side.

But since Fresh Corner fills to maximum, such things like food photography and selfies are almost unheard of; in fact, even using a table at all while eating can be far-fetched.

Don’t freak out when you see patrons with their plates on their laps, peacefully munching on some cow’s innards.

Much as Fresh Corner serves other dishes such as matooke, chips and chicken or meat, it is the offal combo that people know the place for; almost half or more of the clientele eating with me are eating that.

The famous dish goes for Shs 8,000 and being more generous than any restaurant in town, a soda at Fresh Corner goes for only Shs 1,000. Thus, for those of you still battling the January blues, Fresh Corner could be a haven.



0 #1 Tourism Observer 2018-01-11 10:39
Enjoy chips new byendA
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0 #2 Sarcastic Sam 2018-01-11 17:12
Chips & tripe(ebyenda) with an ounce of embalming fluid, so delicious.

I'd like to thank individual butchers who've taken it upon themselves to douse all meat related products in embalming fluid for enhanced flavor.

You are doing Uganda proud.
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