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Men’s must-haves for the festive season

Of recent, Uganda’s talk has been the age limit bill with meticulous attention to the monies flying all over it. This has been followed by Zimbabweans’ celebrations over Robert Mugabe’s resignation and President Uhuru Kenyatta’s second-term inauguration in Kenya.

We have arguably forgotten the calm and joy that comes with December’s festivities!

Growing up is fun, explorative as well as a thief of innocent joy. Christmas season is hardly as joyous as it used to be years back. Nonetheless, people go to church and dine to good meals for days. There are colours and décor everywhere, and socialising of relatives from the city and the diaspora. Menh… it’s always a time of a lifetime!

However much it is no longer like it used to be back in the day, Christmas still brings friends, acquaintances and relatives together. Many folks organise trips and tours, dinners and plan on creating lasting memories!

What never comes to mind though, especially for the men, is how to dress and what to have in the wardrobe for the festivities. Women are pretty much always excited about everything; they look out for family theme colours, styles and places to go to.

They know what dress, skirt, shorts or shoes to wear when, where and with whom. The married men may be excused because they have someone to help them out with the must-haves. Dear bachelors and the marrieds living in denial, there are must-haves in your wardrobe this season.

Many of you are dating and might meet your special friends’ people during the festive season. Pay close attention to what your first appearance will be like. When you have been invited for family lunch, dress appropriately.

Avoid the office look because you might spoil the moment with memoirs of a Monday at work. Dress down or casually, but smartly and classy. Try out the fashionable dress shirts with nice jeans or khaki skinnies with moccasins.

You might be meeting your prospective in-laws, not an interview panel. Depending on the venue and type of family, you can put on shorts as well, with a decent shirt – preferably short-sleeved with prints and colours friendly to the eye.

You might also want to add Linen and African print shirts to your closet. These shirts have an ambience they create; a certain calmness and warmth they add to the environment. They are an all-events fit. You can wear them to church, outings, dinner and any other social event.

T-shirts, shorts, sandals, sheds and the sleeveless attire should be in your clothing plans. It’s a festive season; set your body free. Let your feet breathe and have a break from the sweat and stench that come from wearing closed shoes all day. Feel the moment, live in it too!

For IT specialist Edwin Byarugaba, the festive season is a time of family and having fun.

“To me, family is casual and instead of thinking about a suit, I am planning on getting some pairs of shorts and V-neck T-shirts because it’s very convenient, a good time to be alive. Thus, I am more inclined to breaking free from the formal dress code,” he says.

Byarugaba adds that unlike in the past where people wore suits to church, trends are changing now depending on the church one goes to. He says a smart casual would pass for church service.

From the fashion and style eye, Micheal Colins of Colins’ fashion in Kampala says the festive season is when we put “our ‘guns down’; we know it’s the fun time, the only time one can be free to wear absolutely anything”.  

“With the festivities, I would not expect anyone to be so formal. It is a time we let our bodies be independent of formality, although not ignoring the fashion blunders!” Colins says.

Well, what more is there than fun? Before you enjoy the festive season, shop for the right attire and leave out the formalities. It is fun time; loosen up and indulge yourself into memorable moments!

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