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Invest in a pair of sneakers

A fortnight ago, Ugandans turned up in big numbers for an annual Marathon.

It was fun and for a good cause, but we still need to investigate how some ladies ran five kilometers and still returned to the finish line with their makeup intact!

If they do not use boda bodas, then chances are they carry a makeup kit to touch up for the photo moment at the finish line.  That probably calls for a commission of inquiry into the matter. What cannot wait is the fact that some people still turn up without sneakers!

You see someone smartly dressed in a jogging kit, but is also wearing black leather shoes. How?

How unprepared can you be for an annual event like that? I am sure the next day after the run you had some bruised or broken nails, blisters, a painful heel or tendons among others.

These and more are the effects of wearing the wrong shoes for such a job. Every person should really own a pair of sneakers. Even if you are not going to run in the marathon.

Be it for simple walks or gym or even running an errand in comfort. Consider a pair of sneakers as a must have. Two pairs or more is even better.


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