Kampalans party all weekend in Fort Portal

Many efforts are being made to popularize domestic tourism.

So, what happens when you, together with a group of ‘happening people’ also known as party animals get on a bus loaded with cocktails and drive hundreds of kilometres from the capital Kampala?

That is the latest craze on the local partying and tourism scene. Dubbed Cocktails in the Wild organized by Rounbob, last weekend, the journey to the wild kicked off from Lugogo mall in Kampala on Saturday and headed to Top Of The World Royal Cottages and campsite, approximately 20km from Fort Portal town.

Revellers dance the night away in Fort Portal

As with any road trip, it had a lot to do with the journey experience even more than the destination. This was no different, taking a total of 10 hours to Fort Portal, thanks to uncountable toilet breaks, photo moments and stops to buy foodstuffs along the way.

One of the vehicles had DJ Dibo whose mobile sound system coupled with a deejaying app on his mobile phone turned the average Coaster into a mobile discotheque.  

Many of the people on the minibus were heading to Fort Portal for the first time. This goes a long way to prove how important the trips are in as far as helping Ugandans explore their country at a minimal cost is concerned.

On arrival at the final stop located off Kamwenge road, it was time to freshen up, eat and get the party started.

Selfie photo moment

The DJs were ready, the mixologists had prepared their ingredients for the Uganda Waragi cocktails and not even the earlier downpour or nail-biting cold could stop the revellers from having a memorable night.

DJ Ali Breezy, DJ BK and RPM plus DJ Magnum made sure the dance floor was busy till morning.

DJs RPM and BK in action

It did not matter what time one decided to take a break to reboot; they always found food, music and drinks still flowing. On Sunday morning it was time to have a bird’s view of the three crater lakes – Nyamirima, Nyinabulitwa and Nyabikere, the Rwenzori mountain ranges and Kibaale national park.

A brief tour of Fort Portal town and more hours to Kampala marked the end of another experience and interesting memories.


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