Why Andrew Kyamagero did not become a pastor

Andrew Kyamagero

ANDREW KYAMAGERO, popularly known as Omuntu Wa wansi, was raised to be a pastor but he later chose journalism.

He is a co-host of the morning show dubbed “Morning Saga; Akasambattuko” on Galaxy FM. He also does some other media projects. Quick Talk caught up with him at Centenary park last week.

What were you doing before you joined radio?

Actually my entire [career] has been radio…Okay, I sold juice in my senior six vacation. This is my second job.

Well, my dad wanted me to be a pastor, but I was honest with him [jokingly:] I told him you will have to deal with so many pregnancies, because ndi muntu (I’m human) [That poor dad! He must have had such high hopes, even naming his son kyamagero (miracle)].

Are you saying you can’t help yourself around women?

You see, women from my point of view are emotional and men are rational. Now, imagine me being a pastor and I have to meet around five women daily...They come with challenges and you are their source of hope.

Because they know you have the ear to listen, they trust that you will help them and over time before you know it… Oh Lord have mercy! [His wild imagination sends him and Quick Talk into giggles.]

OK; where did you go to school again?

I went to Hormisdallen and then completed my primary education at Kirinya Church of Uganda in Bweyogerere. I then went to Busoga College Mwiri for only one term and left.

Why the hurry!?

There were issues of boy-boy something and I did not like it. I am from a Christian background and I told my dad it was wrong.

I then went to Ntebetebe St John’s in Bweyogerere where I completed my senior four. From there I went to Bethel Covenant College in Bwebajja, where I did my senior six and then to Westminster to pursue my theology degree.

So, you are a theologian!

I was ordained, but I don’t practise. It was boring. Like I said, I naturally love to interact with people in a more relaxed way. When I came back, I told my dad, “here are your papers,” then I enrolled for mine. I pursued a degree in Mass Communication at Kampala University and here I am.

Before I forget, are you married?

I am not married, but I have a stay-in partner. She is called Linda Ndagire and we have a son. We are having our introduction next year. We decided to give it time and take it slow. We don’t need to rush because we are not going anywhere.

Okay, tell me more about Linda.

She is the opposite of me; she is an introvert, extremely quiet and she is my shock absorber [giggles]. I am a bumpy-humpy guy, I meet so many people, hug my female friends and when they call me, I answer with ‘Baibe’, but she knows me.


For us our relationship is not based only on love, because love fluctuates. We choose to go with the ideology of understanding. So, when I meet people and hug them deeply, she knows it means nothing.

Ok…What if she was the one hugging guys deeply?    

I would understand. I told you, I am liberal-minded. It could be a friend that she studied with and he lives in France and wants to peck her on the lips; hey, I know this is Uganda but I wouldn’t be confrontational.

[By coincidence, his phone rings and he alerts Quick Talk that it is Linda. He talks to her briefly, mostly giggling and laughing. He then tells her that he will call her back…]

Fair enough…

Man, with the work I do if you are not understanding, you can’t hold a marriage. It takes a lot of trust, endurance and praying, because if you don’t pray, man, the girls in Kampala are serious!

Haa? How serious are they?

Man, if they want you, they will walk up to you and tell you they want you. So, if you want to go for a simple ride, be on their to-do list and you will be done.

And I don’t want to be on that kind of list….the diseases we have in Kampala! Gosh, I hate taking tablets. For me, it just doesn’t work.

What is your worst moment in life?

It was in 2014 when I lost my daughter. I love daughters a lot. It was such a dark week for me. [First, on] Monday morning I receive a call and someone tells me a piece of land I had bought in Luweero was actually not mine; that I had been conned.


I tried looking for the guy who sold it to me and he was nowhere. I had 34 pigs on that land; so, I asked for some time to fix the situation.

The following morning, I was informed that they had all been poisoned to death. I played it cool and the following day while I was having a breather, my wife called me [to say] our daughter was dead.

Oh nooo!

It is from that week that I developed a sense of gratitude. To be grateful for the little I have. It was challenging, especially for my wife and I focused on rejuvenating her. I prayed for her, I interceded and we came back to life.

Kyamagero was born to John Ssebowa and Rose Kirabo Nantongo. He is the last child and only boy in the family. He prefers not to reveal his age.


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