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LTV marks 20 years

Lighthouse Television (LTV), the pioneer gospel television in the country, marked its 20-year milestone on the Ugandan airwaves last week.

Rev Pr Bob Nichols, 82, the founder of Calvary Cathedral International that owns LTV, was at the breakfast held at Serena hotel to celebrate the TV station that first introduced many Christians to international channels such as TBN, and famous televangelists including Pr Benny Hinn, Pr Joyce Meyer, Bishop T.D Jakes, Rev John Hagee and many more.

In his sermon, Nichols hailed the Ugandan government for helping the gospel TV station stand the test of time.

He noted that although TV is an expensive way of spreading the gospel, it has been a worthwhile venture since many lives were touched through the station’s broadcasts.

“For me and for our church, this has been a not-for-profit venture; we did not come here to make money, but to spread the gospel of Christ,” he said.

Among the many lives the station’s work touched is Pastor Wilson Bugembe who was also present at the event. Bugembe said he is who he is today, because of the inspirational sermons he watched on the station, especially those by T.D Jakes.

“LTV sowed a seed not only in me, but in also many other young people who are going to take over this country in the coming years,” Bugembe said.

It is Eng Godfrey Mutabazi, now Uganda Communications Commission executive director, who engaged Nichols about establishing a branch of the station in Uganda, having watched it in Texas, USA.

“I was intrigued by the idea of having a gospel-only TV station in Uganda,” said Mutabazi who made the necessary arrangements for the station in Uganda, including saving part of his salary for two months to contribute to Nichols’ and his wife’s familiarization visit to Uganda.

“I later worked on the process of acquiring a license for the station. We got one and that was the beginning,” Mutabazi said of the station that then minister of information Dr Ruhakana Rugunda opened on August 16, 1997.


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