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Don’t miss stellar performances in Blade Runner 2049

A sequel to Blade Runner (1982), robots known as replicants with features of human beings, were created to help serve the purpose of exploring new planets for human settlements.

Robots that sneaked back to earth were hunted down and exterminated. Blade Runner 2049 introduces us to K (Ryan Gosling), blade runner who discovers a secret that will change humanity’s view towards replicants.

While on mission, he meets Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), a former blade runner who has the information he needs.

The replicants that were being hunted down are preparing a counter revolution that will threaten the continued existence of the human race.

Blade Runner stars Harrison Ford (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Indiana Jones Trilogy), Jared Leto (Suicide Squad, Dallas Buyers Club), Dave Bautista (SPECTRE), and Ryan Gosling (La La Land).

It is directed by Denis Villeneuve with directorial credits in Sicario and Arrival.


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