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Reasons for poor customer service – and their solutions


Customer service, the interaction between the client and the supplier, is an integral part of the purchasing and user experience, and as such, is the key to continued success in business.

Below are some of the reasons for poor customer service, and their solutions.


When an organization does not spend time to fully train its employees, the consequence is always poor service.

Solution: Dedicate resources (time and money) for training and reinforcement. Employees should be fully informed about company goals, the products and services. 

Emphasis and training should be focused upon the importance of listening and responding to the customer’s requests. People can only do the job if they are given the right tools and objectives. It costs money to train people. It will cost more if you decide not to train them.


Selecting the correct personality is crucial for your business success. Apathetic or self-centered personality types have no place in a business that requires customer contact.

Solution: Focus the selection and evaluation process to identify personalities that fit the required profile.  Get the wrong people out immediately; it also sends a clear message to everyone.


Angry or frustrated employees can actively work to sabotage, and try to destroy the company.

Solution: Keep honest and open communications with employees. 

Informally and formally review performance, goals, objectives and feelings to stop potential problems before they reach the customers. Get these people out of the front lines immediately.


If the image, marketing and promotion of the company is quite different from the reality, workers will not be able to sustain a positive attitude in the face of problems they know exist.

Solution:  Be honest. Work closely with customer service, marketing and quality control to identify real problems and fix them. Don’t let marketing advertise over problems; solve them.


When an employee’s personal life is in crisis or out of control, they may exercise control, aggression and negativism toward customers in an attempt to put some part of their life in order.

Solution: Clear communications with employees.  If their personal life is affecting work performance, talk about it.  Time off, access to counseling or just listening may prevent more serious problems.


Too much negative, too many complaints can lower a person’s level of commitment and move their positive and helpful attitude to an apathetic one.

Solution: Constant communication helps to identify who is burning out and why. Get customer service people together to talk of success and how to deal with the frustrations. Provide recognition or incentives for excellence in dealing with problems.


There is nothing worse than dealing with an employee who listens to a problem, then shrugs and says they have to ask someone else in the company to intervene and provide a solution.

Solution: Give the people on the front lines the authority, power, tools and ability to solve problems.

Adapted from leeiwan.wordpress.com


0 #1 Modogoni 2017-08-14 15:39
Ugandan women are the worst at customer service too.

As of late, I've seen many small businesses get rid of their female staff in preference of male.

Waitresses for example act lethargic while their male counterparts act eager to provide services.

Waitresses also think every gentleman has non platonic interest in them and act accordingly even when a male customer is with their significant other.

Women in general are more prone to use their sex as tool to enhance their needs in a work place.

I prefer men over women in the Ugandan context but I'm pretty neutral in the developed world.
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0 #2 kabinda 2017-08-15 09:50
Folding arms as the ladies are doing there is a no no.

You show lack of confidence, vulnerability and actually imply you are not ready to talk to the customer.

The shop may be open but you are closed for business yourself. This is terrible! Don't they teach them that?
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