5 At Home premieres on Fox Life

Uganda’s film industry has come a long way and this week turned yet another beautiful page.

On Monday, 5 at Home, a Ugandan production was premiered on Fox Life, a channel owned by Fox Broadcasting Company, currently distributed by DStv. Premiering at 6:05pm, this is the first Ugandan show on the channel and the first local production to hit an international platform before being televised locally.

Produced by Fast Track, the film house behind The Hostel and Balikowa Mu City, 5 At Home is a show about a family that will do anything to keep up appearances.

It is a story of a family that gives off a picture of perfection – a daughter at university studying medicine, a self-employed older son, a younger one in college and, of course, a husband working lucratively with the government.

Setting off at an anniversary celebration, viewers see the couple celebrating 20 years of marriage and the woman has taken it upon herself to surprise her husband with a flashy party.

But even before the husband shows up, we start seeing irregularities in the family that include cheating, dark secrets and more keeping up appearances. The show creators did a good job with the casting, especially with choosing Raymond Rushabiro in the lead role; he is witty yet he remains convincing.

In its earlier stages, it had been rumoured that 5 At Home was meant to air on NTV; however, the developments did not materialize and production was halted for almost two years.

Many Ugandans, especially those known to the actors, are happy that finally there is a Ugandan product that is exclusive to a big network.

Fox Life Africa was added onto the continent’s catalogues last year with a number of African productions from Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya, with other Fox original productions including Glee, Bones, Empire and many reality shows.


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