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Elvis Mbonye reveals his prophecies for 2017

Renowned Pentecostal prophet Elvis Mbonye, popular for his mostly- accurate prophecies over the years, on January 3 issued a set of predictions for the year ahead at Kololo ceremonial grounds.

His prophecies based on the Bible’s Amos 3:7, covered individuals, Uganda and even personalities and nations beyond our borders. Mbonye prophesied that he saw in his visions that the USA will have a heavy storm during the inauguration of Donald Trump as president and a huge bridge will collapse. Trump swears in on January 20. Mbonye said the storm could be an actual storm or a symbolic storm.

He also said it will be a year Italy will begin to crumble economically and leave the European Union. Mbonye said he also saw in the month of September a huge crowd gathered in Washington, where something intense will be happening.

Also, German chancellor Angela Merkel will be in trouble this year, if Mbonye’s prophecy is to be believed, while an attack is expected in a London airport and in a New York street.

Pastor Elvis Mbonye in prayers

In Uganda, Mbonye urged leaders to catch the focus the Spirit of God because “you can do something good out of season and miss its opportune time”.

Mbonye said while the global trend is to move away from oil to alternative energy, the opportune time is now for the country’s oil sector to take shape, because there will be a refocus on oil and its value will increase.

He said June and July will see controversial health changes in Uganda; “some kind of bill that will show up and spark controversy for a short while”.

There will be major internal railway contruction this year and he added someone in the courts of law will fall but be brought back in the judiciary that will also have a lot of controversy.

He teased his congregation about the Afcon football league happening this year in Libreville, Gabon. As the crowd went wild, hoping to hear a prophecy about the Uganda Cranes performance, the stylish prophet just laughed and moved on. Uganda qualified for this year’s Afcon after 39 years.

Mbonye warned that MTN will be in the spotlight this year, but not for many good things, and predicted land wrangles and controversies involving investors hitting Masindi.

In Libya, if Mbonye’s prophecy is anything to go by, a very defiant leader will rise up and bring Libya back onto the map but not in good light as it will have similarities to present-day Syria.

The prophecies had kicked off with predictions about this year’s Academy Awards (Oscars) whose nominees are yet to be announced for 2017. Mbonye, who admitted he knows very little about Hollywood, predicted that African American Viola Davis will win best supporting actress and sounded surprised that some in his congregation recognized the name when they cheered.

He also said Zootopia will win best animated movie, while City Of The Stars will take best song of the year. He said the best picture will be fought between a movie with the word ‘land’ and another with the word ‘Manchester’ in their titles, saying when he came out of the trance he had forgotten the movie’s complete titles. But, according to Mbonye’s vision, the movie with the word ‘land’ in its title will win.

Pastor Mbonye praying with the congregation

Last year the hottest movie releases included Manchester By The Sea (starring Casey Affleck) and La La Land (with Ryan Goslings). During the two-hour fellowship attended by a massive crowd under tight security, Mbonye took time to explain how he gets his visions to prophesy.

“I spent two days focused on God and the Holy Spirit took me to over 50 places this year…I started to see things internationally and nationally, but the national [Uganda] ones are very sensitive; I don’t know if I should mention them,” he said. “Most people experience the supernatural power they don’t know; it is easy for them to take offence and miss out the strength.”

Mbonye, who turns 40 in March, further said sometimes people argue with his negative prophecies but that does not stop him from doing God’s work.

“The crashing of three UPDF choppers in Kenya that occurred [a few years ago], I prophesied it and even took my time to contact the authorities not to fly the planes, but they did not listen to me; so, if I did not pray for it and try to stop it, people would say, why didn’t you take action?” he said.

Mbonye has in the past accurately prophesied many things, among them the Mabira forest wrangles of 2007, the anti-gay bill, exposure of some Pentecostal pastors’ dealings, the 2010 Kampala terrorist attacks, crashing of the UPDF choppers in Kenya and the withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union (Brexit).

Such prophecies have won him admirers and a huge following, with his Tuesday evening fellowships a constant on many Christians’ calendars.



+3 #11 Stench 2017-01-15 03:23
This is obviously a complex sociological issue.

The complexity of the issue does not negate the fact that these 'prophets', pastors, preachers or people that wield high levels of religious influence in the community are using these positions for self gain and personal enrichment rather than to genuinely help the poor and down trodden.

If this ‘prophet’ stood up on his pulpit every weekend and invited speakers to teach the population on practical aspects of personal development and financial liberty, we would be having a very different discussion.

Instead the congregation is bombarded by the gospel of fear and the ever-looming threat of the 'rupture' which we have all been waiting for decades.

The Pakasa forum is a testament to how hungry our youth are for inspiration and direction. We all know that it is in the interests of all these ‘prophets’ to have a broke and gullible congregation. If Ugandans were a true middle income country, these chaps wouldn’t be as popular as they are.
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