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Tuff B has adorable soft side

Tuff B

Last Wednesday afternoon found Quick Talk at Seascallop restaurant in an interview with ROBERT SSEKIDDE aka Tuff B. The 30-year-old artiste and TV presenter talked about his heartbreak, parenting and his newfound love for the single life.

As we enjoy lunch…   

That is a lot of chilli in your food! [His food is now red with chilli powder]

Yeah. It’s because I take beer. Without chilli, I won’t eat it.

Oh, which brand do you take?   

It is a very mild brand. Tusker Lite. It only makes me tipsy no matter how much I take. I only do a few shots of Tequila on the days I want to get high.

You have been quiet; are you working on any music currently?

I was a bit reluctant for the past two years, but I have a brand new video, Ekimonde and a song called Y’ono. I have a song called Big Budget that I did with Bebe Cool. Its video will be out soon. I’m also planning a charity concert next year in February to support my foundation.

You have a charity foundation?

Yes, I do. It is called Dolphin Foundation Uganda. I am the founder and we take care of 101 autistic children [Shows Quick Talk some photos of him and the autistic children]

Why autism, and not, for example, polio?

I draw my inspiration from the fact that I have an autistic sister and a disabled aunt raised me after my mother passed on [For a guy called ‘Tuff’, his heart seems truly soft! Dolphin Foundation is located in Bbunga.]

Are you dating?

No. We broke up with the mother of my son. I am now a single man minding my music and raising my son. [Proudly:] He is called King Kyle Ssekidde. He is four years old.

Do you have plans of dating in future?

[In a withdrawn tone] My conception towards women is now bad. I don’t trust any woman. I trusted this one so much, but she betrayed me.

And how is single fatherhood?

The life of a single dad is interesting! Once you taste it, you love it. There is no one to stress you.

Eh Tuff, are you sure you didn’t tailor that breakup?

Not at all! I loved her, trusted her and supported her dreams, but she chose to leave. If it were my making, I would be apologizing.

What if she wanted you back into the relationship?

I love my single life. I don’t know what comes tomorrow; so, I leave that to God [speaking softly]. You know, when you have a child, you do everything and go the extra mile to make them love their parents.

I have to show my son that his mother is a queen. I don’t want him to google this story in future and read about me swearing never to get back with his mum; so, for the respect I have for my son, comment reserved [hmm, ‘comment reserved’ is sometimes just as bad, Tuff!]

What is the most attractive part on a woman’s body?

[Instantly and keeps repeating it for emphasis:] I love A** [the butt]. I like a well-curved, soft butt, but it doesn’t have to be so big.

Eh! Any lady in the spotlight with that kind of butt…?

[Thinks for a moment] It’s hard. There is none [Yiiyii!] I am being honest. Which woman really? [Quick Talk thinks, Winnie Nwagi, Desire Luzinda, Juliana…] I wish I could show you my ex’s photo for you to know what I’m talking about [someone is still hang up over his ex…!]

And that one thing women should know about men is…

Mr Perfect does not exist! [What are you talking about, now?!] You want a man who comes home early, doesn’t drink? [Laughing:] Go manufacture one [we are working on it...]

Ok, anybody, male or female you would want to dine with…   

[Enthusiastically:] Jay-Z, man! I wanna be like him. I would like to share a mind with him.

Do you cry at the end of emotional movies?

Oh, there are those movies that touch my heart, especially if they involve children.

How is your typical day like?

My day starts at 5am with a morning run. I head to Dolphin Foundation to check on the kids from 6am to 10am. I then head to NBS for production and leave by midday.

I then go to Dolphin Entertainment [an events company he owns] to clarify the bookings, have my lunch and then head to gym at 4pm to 6:30pm before heading home to freshen up and rest. After 10pm, I head out for my night gigs.

Tight schedule! Do you have time for Kyle?

Oh yes! Thursday to Sunday. He goes to Malachi International School and they break off for the weekend on Thursday. So, I hardly leave home on those days except when I am going for my 2pm show.

Tell me about your educational background   

I went to so many schools but I will mention the major ones. I went to Jack and Jill nursery school, I did my PLE from Kalinabiri in Ntinda before sitting my O-level at St Charles Lwanga Kasasa. I sat my A-level at Masaka SS and then joined UMCAT for a diploma in journalism before pursuing a degree in Mass Communication at Makerere University.

Tuff B was born to the late Joy Buwiisi and a Mr Kavuma. He hopes to build a school for autistic children. He has already acquired land for it and hopes to raise the money through charity concerts.


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