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Fashion: Pay attention to detail

In your lifetime, you will possibly hear a lot of fashion advice.

The most important wise words you may possibly ever hear are: “pay attention to detail”. It is the thin line between classy and trashy.

One small mistake in your ensemble can ruin what would have been a fabulous look. Take a bra, for example. A friend of mine wowed everyone with her beautiful dress at an event recently.

From her hair, makeup and how the dress fit her perfectly, all was good. She decided to be a little more daring by putting on a cleavage show. That’s where it all went wrong.

It seemed like it was a last-minute idea, or she had not bothered to check whether she had a bra that could pull off what she wanted, or blend in with the rest of the fabric, possibly her body skin and dress fabric. The lesson I learnt from the accidental mess was the need to pay attention to the smallest detail.

Is your hair held back properly? Will some of the hair strands start popping out before you reach your destination? Fix that.

You have a pedicure idea seen online and would like to try it, but how will it look with your choice of outfit?

Look at yourself from head to toe as one fine package. If one fabric or one colour looks off, let it go.


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