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Natasha, Michael set to relive romance on screen

Natasha Sinayobye

Natasha Sinayobye and Michael Kasaija are indeed one of Uganda’s better-known couples. Their romance dates back to the days when dance group, The Obsessions, was quite an obsession.

It split up, the couple later formed their own troupe. This couple has literally lived their love life in the eyes of the public, and has somehow stayed together through thick and thin.

Today, at Theater La Bonita, Sinayobye and Kasaija will be telling a similar story, only that this time it will not be their own but rather a movie in which they both star as lovers.

The film, Bala Bala Sese, is one of the most anticipated Ugandan films this year. It has a chart-topping Apass song, Wuuyo, on its soundtrack, and a great cast of Sinayobye, Kasaija, Fiona Birungi, Raymond Rushabiro and Ashraf Semwogerere, among others.

The movie tells the story of one John (Kasaija), a hardworking young man on the Ssese islands aiming to fulfill his dream of marrying Margret (Sinayobye), one of the most beautiful girls in the village.

But before he even dreams of it, he has to battle her malicious father, Kasirivu (Rushabiro), who is hell-bent on marrying her off to a businessman, Zeus (Jabal Ddungu).

The film is directed by famous music video director, Bashir Lukyamuzi, of Badi Films. He hopes to make more films. Script writer Usama Mukwaya doesn’t only tell a love story but also delves into the HIV situation which has been a big problem on the islands for a long time.

Apass is expected to make an appearance at the premiere today, alongside many other artistes affiliated to Badi Music. The film that is completely delivered in Luganda could be set to change the attitudes of many Ugandans towards local film.

Tickets will go for Shs 50,000 for VIP while general will cost 30,000.


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