Angela Kalule wows guests at Sheraton

Angela Kalule might be preparing to give birth soon, but that did not stop her from pulling off her usual high-rating performance.

Kalule demonstrated her vocal skills at Sheraton Kampala hotel recently, treating the calm audience to her infectious voice. Even if it was a kind of reserved audience that did not dance to the hits, one could tell the excitement on their faces as they clapped with a smile whenever they felt moved by a song.

Later on, veteran vocalist Robert Ssegawa joined Kalule on the stage and the two sang classics like 1000 Miles, Let’s go Dancing, Come Over, Hullo, Careless Whisper, and Fever. Kalule has managed to keep her music fresh by taking time off the stage to adequately prepare for her songs.

“Based on the messages she delivers in her songs, especially in lines of love and relationships, her music is strong. That is why I came all the way from Mukono to come and be part of the evening,” said Patrick Kasujja.

At the end of the show, Kalule dedicated a song to the special guest of the night, Judith Heard, who was celebrating her 27th birthday. With a huge cake on her table, Kalule did three versions of the popular Happy Birthday song.


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