Idringi chooses wrong week to crack ribs

At the moment, Patrick ‘Salvador’ Idringi is the hottest property on the Ugandan comedy scene.

He was the guy chosen to represent us at The night of 1000 laughs comedy show alongside other celebrated African comedians like Klint the drunk. He then got invited to the UK Uganda convention to perform alongside Bebe Cool and Iryn Namubiru; Nairobi chose him to curtain-raise at the just-concluded James Ingram show; Nigeria invited him just last week to give them a piece of his rib crackers and now Silk has him and his crew –The Krackers – on retainer for their monthly comedy shows.

The only difference with the Silk contract is that every month one comedian gets to take centre stage and to spice it up, he gets to invite any of his friends to come show the crowd what they can do. So, last Thursday Salvador kick-started the project, but by 8pm there were eight people, four of them waitresses, and the numbers looked like they weren’t about to grow.

Salvador had to hold his act until after 10pm when there were at least a handful of people. But Salvador had just performed the previous day at his group’s weekly do at Theatre La Bonita. Then Jamaican dancehall maestro Konshens was in town and organizers of his concert had organized a meet-and-greet party at Club Rouge. So understandably, the last thing on Kampala party animals’ minds was Salvador.

Still, despite the low turnup Salvador put up a great performance, and he even had new content which was a breather considering that many of his fans have been complaining about his recycled jokes. He chose Prince Emma and Coltida Inapo but the pair didn’t do anything special to write home about. However, there was some new guy on the block who goes by the name Mc Kapale to back. He stole Salvador’s show with his vulgar and sex jokes.

Kampalans have a strange love for profanity. Kapale even dropped the English and did all his jokes in Luganda. Some of the jokes were truly X-rated, but the crowd still cheered him on. Next month the headlining comedian will be Alex Muhangi with his friends.


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