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Museveni song earns musicians Shs 400m

Dancers entertain the guests before the arrival of President Museveni

The venue was well-lit, the stage well-decorated. All lights were on Speke Resort hotel, Munyonyo last Friday evening as President Yoweri Museveni met with artistes, who were unveiling Tubonga Naawe, a song that praises him.

By 6pm, guests, mostly musicians wearing yellow, had started arriving. As usual, security was tight. Everyone had to come with their invitation card. However, some celebrities thought it was the usual ‘you know me’ affair, only to be shocked when they were bounced and asked to go back and pick their cards.

Until 9pm when the president arrived, there wasn’t much activity apart from music played by the DJ. Most people were just bored, turning to their mobile phones or running around for photo shoots.

“I am seeing many musicians here. Why can’t they be entertaining us as we wait for the president?” a guest wondered.

The situation was saved with the arrival of President Museveni in company of his wife Janet Kataaha Museveni and daughter Natasha Karugire.

First Lady Janet Museveni and her husband arrive at Munyonyo

The stage started to get busy – with a fashion show, well-choreographed dances and several other performances – but what made the president laugh was Fun Factory comedians.

Fun Factory's Richard Tuwangye (L) and Kudzu put a smile on Museveni's face

With Anne Kansiime acting as a pupil, Hannington Bugingo as the shy head boy and Kudzu the headmaster, the comedians managed to bring a smile on the president’s face, especially after a long day where he had been to several functions.


When it was time to launch the song, what the MC Marcus Kwikiriza did was simply call the 12 artistes forward and told them to introduce themselves. Thereafter, the song’s video was played on the two giant screens. Some guests had expected at least an a cappella, but nothing of that kind happened.

Juliana Kanyomozi wowed everyone singing the anthems

In their speech, both Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone asked the president to support the local music industry, but without spelling out which areas they need support.

The president, who visibly-looked tired, took time to lecture the musicians, telling them that there are other priorities such as roads, education and economic development that need to be sorted out first.

“In 1996, we introduced universal education because we realized that when children don’t go to school, their talents are stunted and so if they go to school, their talents come up”, he said.

President Museveni greets the artists on arrival

Most of the guests looked bored throughout the lecture. It was until he announced that he had given them Shs 400 million that a few hand claps and cheering were heard.

The president suggested that they invest the money in an artistes’ Sacco to become a revolving fund they can borrow in turns. By 11pm, the party was over – with the president taking time to take photographs with the artistes who wanted.

Tubonga naawe: The artists show thier love to the President


According to Chameleone, one of the twelve musicians who worked on the song, Tubonga Naawe was composed to appreciate the good work the president has done to Uganda, and to assure him that the local musicians are with him in the coming elections.

President Museveni (in yellow shirt) admires the outlook of the music CD done by the musicians

The song also features other musicians like Bebe Cool, Rema Namakula, Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Judith Babirye, and Juliana Kanyomozi.

Others included: Mowzey Radio and Weasel, Haruna Mubiru, Mun G, King Saha and Iryn Namubiru.

Juliana Kanyomozi with the rest of the artists


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