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Mother Kevin embarks on long journey to beatification 

Little sisters of St. Francis of Assisi

Little sisters of St. Francis of Assisi

Anyone familiar with Kampala’s Nsambya hill must have heard about a village named Kevina Zone, the Luganda equivalent for Kevin.

What may not be clear is how this populous village of Nsambya Kevina got its name. As I sat in the congregation at the Queen of Peace cathedral Lugazi during the closing ceremony of the Lugazi diocesan investigation of the Cause for the Beatification of Mother Kevin Mary Kearney, my mind remained stuck on Nsambya Kevina. 

For an entire year, the Catholic Church, particularly Lugazi diocese, has been conducting an investigation into the life, virtues, intercessory powers and favours of Mother Kevin, a Catholic nun who came to Uganda in January 1903. 

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